To show their appreciation for the dedication and hard work of the members, each month the Pastoral Staff will select one male and one female to be recognized as the Disciple of the Month. Members are encouraged to nominate their fellow church members. This collaborative approach can have many benefits: It instills a sense of church spirit, motivates members to be actively involved in ministry, and promotes openness and transparency. The selected Disciple of the Month will be awarded a monetary gift and a valet parking space for the month.


Please consider the following when choosing a nominee:

  • Demonstrated servanthood
  • Consistent participation in corporate worship
  • Commitment to serve above and beyond the call of duty
  • Demonstrated spirit of graciousness
  • Service of at least two years
  • Demonstrated spirituality
  • Demonstrated support for the vision and mission of church leadership


Members may nominate persons via this webpage or by submitting your nomination in writing directly to the church office. Remember that specific feedback is more effective than general praise. We encourage you to be precise when nominating your fellow church members.

Nominations must be received by the fourth Monday of each month, and awardees will be announced the last Sabbath of the month.


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